Definition of service:

part of speech: noun


part of speech: noun

Occupation of a servant; duty of any office; military or naval duty; office of devotion; benefit or assistance; set of vessels used at table.

part of speech: noun

The condition or occupation of one who works for another in a menial position; duty required or performed in any office; naval or military duty; a religious ceremony; as, a church service; a set of implements for some special purpose; as, a silver coffee service; the operation of some system which supplies a public need; as, the telephone service; aid or kindness rendered to another.

part of speech: noun

Condition or occupation of a servant: a working for another: duty required in any office: military or naval duty: office of devotion: a musical composition for devotional purposes: labor, assistance, or kindness to another: benefit: profession of respect: order of dishes at table, or a set of them.

Usage examples for service:

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