Definition of law:

part of speech: noun

Rule of action or motion; statute; principle; body of statutes.

part of speech: noun

A rule of action laid down or established by authority: edict of a government: statute: the rules of a community or state: a rule or principle of science or art: the whole jurisprudence or the science of law: established usage: that which rules: conformity to law: that which is lawful: a theoretical principle educed from practice or observation: ( theol.) the Mosaic code or the books containing it: ( B.) the word of God, the Old Testament.

part of speech: noun

A rule of action established by authority or custom; the whole body of such binding rules or customs; as, social law; act of a legislative body; legal science; as, he studied law; the legal profession; a rule of science or art; a scientific statement of the action and relation of things in nature, etc.; as, the law of gravitation; an established principle.

Usage examples for law:

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