Definition of That:

part of speech: pronoun

Demons. and rel.

part of speech: conjunction

Introducing a clause.

part of speech: conjunction

Used to introduce a clause: because: for: in order that.

part of speech: pronoun

Indicating a person or thing previously mentioned, or more distant.

part of speech: pronoun

Used for who or which.

part of speech: adjective, pronoun

Not this but the other; pointing to what is more or less distant; as, that house across the street; denoting something that has been spoken of previously; as, that was what he meant.

part of speech: adverb

As a demons, ( pl. THOSE) it points out a person or thing: the former or more distant thing: not this but the other: as a rel., who or which.

Usage examples for That:

  • But what does that have to do with us? "General Max Shorter", Kris Ottman Neville.
  • It was that night at Baronmead- you remember? "The Knave of Diamonds", Ethel May Dell.
  • " I know that isn't all," said Ellen. "The Portion of Labor", Mary E. Wilkins Freeman.
  • Is that you, Mr. Petch? "The Bartlett Mystery", Louis Tracy.

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