Definition of respect:

part of speech: verb

To esteem for merit: to honor: to relate to.

part of speech: verb

To esteem; honor; relate to.

part of speech: noun

Act of esteeming highly: regard: expression of esteem: deportment arising from esteem: relation: reference: ( B.) good- will: partiality.

part of speech: verb

To honor or esteem; notice; heed; as, to respect the advice of parents; avoid intrusion upon; as, to respect private property; have relation to; as, the matter respects our welfare.

part of speech: noun

Regard for worth; honor and esteem; as, the world's respect for a great man; thoughtful and attentive notice; as, have respect for my words; undue favor or bias; as, to show respect of persons; courteous manner of treating others; a special point; as, in certain respects; relation, reference, or regard; as, with respect to.

part of speech: noun

High esteem; deference; relation.

Usage examples for respect:

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