Definition of labor:

part of speech: noun

Toil or exertion, esp. when fatiguing: work: pains: duties: a task requiring hard work: the pangs of childbirth.

part of speech: noun

Work; toil; travail.

part of speech: verb

To undergo labor: to work: to take pains: to be oppressed: to move slowly: to be in travail: ( naut.) to pitch and roll heavily.

part of speech: verb

To use muscular strength or mental effort; to toil; be hard- pressed; take pains; move slowly; pitch and roll heavily, as a ship in a storm; suffer the pains of childbirth.

part of speech: noun

Toll or exertion, physical or mental; the whole class of workers employed in the actual production of wealth as distinguished from those who supply money or mental work; as, the relations between capital and labor are difficult to adjust; a task; effort; difficulty; pain; the act of bearing a child.

part of speech: verb

To work; toil; be oppressed or distressed.

Usage examples for labor:

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