Definition of force:

part of speech: noun

Strength, power, energy; efficacy; validity; influence; vehemence; violence; coercion or compulsion; military or naval strength ( often in plural); an armament; ( mech.) that which produces or tends to produce a change in a body's state of rest or motion.

part of speech: verb

( cookery) To stuff, as a fowl.

part of speech: verb

To compel; overpower by strength; impel; push; press; strain; cause to grow or ripen by artificial means.

part of speech: adverb


part of speech: noun

Active power; strength; energy; violence; power to persuade or convince; meaning; troops; armament; a trained or organized body; any cause that produces motion, or a change of motion, in a body.

part of speech: verb

To use force upon; compel; take or effect by force.

part of speech: noun

Strength; power; energy; influence; violence; military strength; body of soldiers.

part of speech: verb

To draw or push by main strength; to compel; to constrain; to compel by strength of evidence; to take by violence; to ravish; ( hort.) to cause to grow or ripen rapidly.

Usage examples for force:

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