Definition of table:

part of speech: noun

A smooth, flat slab or board, with legs, used as an article of furniture: supply of food, entertainment: the company at a table: the board for backgammon or draughts: a surface on which something is written or engraved: that which is cut or written on a flat surface: an inscription: a condensed statement: syllabus or index: ( B.) a writing tablet.

part of speech: verb

To make into a table; lay on the table ( i. e. postpone action on).

part of speech: verb

To make into a table or catalogue: to lay on the table, i. e. to postpone consideration of.

part of speech: verb

To index; to lay aside, as a report, for future consideration; to lay on a table, as a card or money.

part of speech: noun

A piece of furniture consisting of a flat, smooth top supported by legs; a flat surface suitable for an inscription; persons sitting around a table; fare; supply of food; entertainment; index or summary; an arrangement of words, facts, figures, etc., in order for reference; a table of statistics.

part of speech: noun

An article of furniture, consisting of a flat top on legs; entertainment; food; flat board or slab with an inscription; a synopsis or statement in figures.

Usage examples for table:

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