Definition of make:

part of speech: participle


part of speech: verb

To tend or move: to contribute: ( B.) to feign or pretend:- pa. t. and pa. p.

part of speech: verb

To tend or move; as, he made toward the goal; have effect; as, the power that makes for righteousness; to put something into a specified condition; as, to make ready for a journey; to act in a specified manner; as, to make merry.

part of speech: noun

Shape; construction; build.

part of speech: verb

To create; fashion; compose; frame; bring about; prepare for use; obtain for oneself, as friends; to form, as plans; to compute to be; as, I make the amount fifty dollars; to amount to; as, three feet make a yard; raise to rank or dignity; as, his venture will make or break him; score; as, we made ten points in the game; arrive at, near, or in sight of; as, to make port; become; as, a good son makes a good husband; cause to be or become; as, to make him president; to cause to act in a certain manner; as, to make a child obey.

part of speech: noun

Shape; texture.

part of speech: noun

Form or shape: structure, texture.

part of speech: verb

To fashion, frame, or form: to produce: to bring about: to perform: to force: to render: to represent, or cause to appear to be: to turn: to occasion: to bring into any state or condition: to establish: to prepare: to obtain: to ascertain: to arrive in sight of, to reach: ( B.) to be occupied with, to do.

Usage examples for make:

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