Definition of go:


part of speech: verb

To move; proceed; depart; tend; be about to do.

part of speech: participle


part of speech: noun

Colloquially, the fashion; energy; an agreement.

part of speech: verb

Colloquially, to bear or afford; as, I can't go the price; to become responsible for; as, to go ball; to bet or wager; as, I'll go you a box of candy.

part of speech: verb

To pass from one place to another: to be in motion: to proceed: to walk: to depart from: to lead in any direction: to extend: to tend: to be about to do: to pass in report: to pass, as in payment: to be accounted in value: to happen in a particular way: to turn out: to fare:- pr. p. going; pa. t. went; pa. p. gone.

Usage examples for go:

  • Go up to it. "The Moral Instruction of Children", Felix Adler.
  • Let her go on, then. "The Clique of Gold", Emile Gaboriau.
  • " You will not go "Her Mother's Secret", Emma D. E. N. Southworth.
  • D'you want her to go "Moor Fires", E. H. (Emily Hilda) Young.

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