Definition of DO:

part of speech: noun

The first of the syllables used in the musical scale; the tone C.

part of speech: participle


part of speech: verb

To act or behave:- pr. p. doing; pa. t did; pa. p. done ( dun).

part of speech: verb

To perform any action: to bring about or effect: to accomplish or finish: to prepare: to put or bring into any form or state. - TO DO ON, to don or put on; TO DO OFF, to doff or put off; TO DO AWAY, to remove or destroy; TO BE DONE FOR, to be defeated or ruined.

part of speech: verb

To act; perform; effect; finish.

part of speech: verb

To act; be about; fare; succeed; answer a purpose.

part of speech: verb

To perform; achieve; bring about; make ready for some object or purpose; colloquially, to cheat.


part of speech: verb

To fare or get on, as to health: to succeed: to suit or avail.

Usage examples for DO:

  • What do you think Flaker will do "The Later Cave-Men", Katharine Elizabeth Dopp.
  • What time do you leave? "Mary Gray", Katharine Tynan.
  • I do know it, sir! "When Egypt Went Broke", Holman Day.
  • I mean I do "Children of the Desert", Louis Dodge.

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