Definition of raise:

part of speech: noun

Raiser, raising.

part of speech: verb

To lift; erect; produce; breed; excite; collect.

part of speech: verb

To cause to rise; lift up; elevate; produce; as, to raise wheat; to stir up; arouse; increase; as, to raise prices; construct; collect, as money; cause to appear; as, to raise a ghost; cause to swell; as, to raise a blister; to put an end to; as, to raise a siege; bring to notice.

part of speech: verb

To cause to rise: to lift up: to set upright: to originate or produce: to bring together: to cause to grow or breed: to produce: to give rise to: to exalt: to increase the strength of: to excite: to recall from death: to cause to swell, as dough.

Usage examples for raise:

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