Definition of way:

part of speech: noun

Passage; road: direction: distance: manner of acting; mode; will.

part of speech: noun

Passage: road: length of space: distance: direction: manner of life: advance in life: general manner of acting: means: manner: will.

part of speech: noun

A road; route for passage; direction; as, turn this way; distance; method; habitual mode of life; set in one's ways; detail or respect; as, in other ways the plan was good; will; room or space.

Usage examples for way:

  • He saw no way out at all. "Captivating Mary Carstairs", Henry Sydnor Harrison.
  • Only one way to find out. "The Covered Wagon", Emerson Hough.
  • I remember the way well. "The Girl of the Golden West", David Belasco.
  • But there was no way "White Fire", John Oxenham.

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