Definition of an:

part of speech: conjunction

The indefinite article; used before words beginning with a vowel.

part of speech: adjective

One: the indefinite article, used before words beginning with the sound of a vowel.

part of speech: conjunction


Usage examples for an:

  • Yet he is an Englishman? "Montlivet", Alice Prescott Smith.
  • And without waiting for an answer he turned and left the room. "The Ramblin' Kid", Earl Wayland Bowman.
  • I can not fauoure suche an husbande as myne is. "A Merry Dialogue Declaringe the Properties of Shrowde Shrews and Honest Wives", Desiderius Erasmus.
  • I could say you were an uncle. "The Complete PG Edition of The Works of Winston Churchill", Winston Churchill.

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