Definition of show:

part of speech: past participle


part of speech: noun

Display; spectacle; appearance.

part of speech: verb

To appear: to look:- pa. p. shown or showed.

part of speech: verb

To present to view; exhibit; display; to tell, reveal, or make known; make clear; make ( a person) understand; direct; as, to show one to his seat; bestow; as, to show favor.

part of speech: verb

To present to view: to enable to perceive or know: to inform: to teach: to guide: to prove: to explain: to bestow.

part of speech: verb

To exhibit; display; prove; inform; bestow.

part of speech: verb

To present an appearance; to be visible or noticeable; as, the stain shows.

part of speech: noun

Act of showing: display: a sight or spectacle: parade: appearance: plausibility: pretence.

part of speech: adjective



part of speech: verb

To oppear.

part of speech: noun

The act of exhibiting or displaying; the exhibition or display; parade; pomp; deceitful appearance or pretense; as, a show of wealth; sign or promise, as of metal in a mine.

Usage examples for show:

  • " I mean what I am about to show you, Mr Rowle," said Hallett, smiling. "The Story of Antony Grace", George Manville Fenn.

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