Definition of know:

part of speech: participle



part of speech: verb

To be informed of: to be assured of: to be acquainted with: to recognize: ( B.) to approve:- pr. p. knowing; pa. t. knew ( nu); pa. p. known ( non).

part of speech: participle


part of speech: verb

To perceive; be acquainted with; be assured of; recognise.


part of speech: verb

To perceive with the mind; understand clearly; be aware of; to see as distinct from others; recognize; be acquainted with.

part of speech: verb

To be informed.

part of speech: noun


Usage examples for know:

  • I know I was. "Haste and Waste", Oliver Optic.
  • I know I have not. "The White Sister", F. Marion Crawford.
  • And I think I know "Eunice", Margaret Murray Robertson.
  • Oh, I know what that is now! "Bunny Brown and His Sister Sue on an Auto Tour", Laura Lee Hope.

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