Definition of This:

part of speech: pronoun

Denoting a person or thing near in place or time.

part of speech: adjective

Denoting a person or thing near, just mentioned, or about to be mentioned: ( B.) the last past:- pl. THESE.

part of speech: pronoun, adjective

A demonstrative word, pointing to that which is present, or near; denoting that which is just now or last mentioned.

Usage examples for This:

  • " Only this I answered. "Ravensdene Court", J. S. (Joseph Smith) Fletcher.
  • Why this is well! "Cole's Funny Picture Book No. 1", Edward William Cole.
  • Do you know all this to be true? "Homestead on the Hillside", Mary Jane Holmes.
  • You drawed it at 'gators this mornin'. "Dick in the Everglades", A. W. Dimock.

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