Definition of blood:

part of speech: noun

The red fluid in the arteries and veins of men and animals: kindred, descent: temperament: bloodshed or murder: the juice of anything, esp. if red. - IN NOT OR COLD BLOOD, under, or free from, excitement or sudden passion. - HALF- BLOOD relationship through one parent only.

part of speech: noun

The fluid circulating in the vascular system of animals, distributing food material and oxygen and collecting waste products.

part of speech: noun

The red fluid which circulates in the heart, arteries, and veins of an animal; sometimes, the juice of anything, especially if red; kinship; relationship; descent; lineage; as, a prince of royal blood; a man of fire and spirit; a rake; as, a young blood; temper; as, a murder in cold blood; slaughter or murder.

part of speech: noun

The fluid in the veins; consanguinity; bloodshed; passion.

Usage examples for blood:

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