Definition of frame:

part of speech: verb

To form: to shape: to construct by fitting the parts to each other: to plan: to constitute: to put a border on: ( B.) to contrive.

part of speech: verb

To construct; adjust; contrive; put a frame on.

part of speech: noun

The form: a putting together of parts: a case made to inclose or support anything: the skeleton: state of mind.

part of speech: verb

To fit ( one thing) into another; shape or form; adjust or regulate; invent; adapt.

part of speech: noun

Something constructed or made of parts fitted and joined together; that on which anything is held or stretched; as, a quilting frame; any contrivance for inclosing, admitting, or supporting something; as, a window frame; shape; temper; state; as, of the mind.

part of speech: noun

Fabric; structure; contrivance to inclose or support; state of mind.

Usage examples for frame:

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