Definition of truth:

part of speech: noun

That which is true; conformity to fact; fidelity; veracity; a true statement; established principle.

part of speech: noun

That which is true or according to the facts of the case: agreement with reality: true state of things, or facts: practice of speaking or disposition to speak the truth: fidelity: a true statement: an established principle: in the fine arts, a faithful adherence to nature.

Usage examples for truth:

  • To tell the truth you do. "The Heart of Canyon Pass", Thomas K. Holmes.
  • But I must tell the truth "The Cruise of the Kawa", Walter E. Traprock [Pseudonym of George S. Chappell].
  • " Well, now you know the truth "The Desired Woman", Will N. Harben.
  • I believe it is the truth "Gilbert Keith Chesterton", Maisie Ward.

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