Definition of life:

part of speech: noun

Animate existence; manner of living; animation; human affairs; biography.

part of speech: noun

State of living: animate existence: union of soul and body: the period between birth and death: present state of existence: manner of living: moral conduct: animation: a living being: system of animal nature: social state: human affairs: narrative of a life: eternal happiness, also He who bestows it: a quickening principle in a moral sense:- pl. LIVES, livz.

part of speech: noun

The state of being alive; living existence; vitality; union of soul and body; a living person; as, but one life was saved; living beings collectvely; as, animal life; period between birth and death; as, all the years of a man's life; manner of living; as, a life of pleasure; a biography; as, the life of Tennyson; animation; as, to be full of life; the moving spirit; as, he was the life of the housebold.

Usage examples for life:

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