Definition of fresh:

part of speech: adverb


part of speech: adjective

New; recently made or obtained; cool; brisk; vigorous; not salt.

part of speech: noun


part of speech: adjective

In a state of activity and health: new and strong: recently produced or obtained: untried: having renewed vigor: healthy: not salt.

part of speech: adjective

New; recent; unfaded; uninjured by time; in good condition; not forgotten; strong and active; not wearied; lively; brisk; pure and cool; refreshing; not salt; pert; inexperienced.

part of speech: noun

A freshet; a spring of fresh water; a flood; an overflowing; an inundation: open weather; a day of open weather t a thaw ( Scotch):- pl. in the U. S., the mingling of fresh water with salt in rivers or bays, or the increased current of an abb- tide caused by a flood of fresh water flowing into the sea.

Usage examples for fresh:

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