Definition of wonder:

part of speech: verb

Be astonished at; to feel doubt and curiosity.

part of speech: noun

The state of mind produced by something new, unexpected, or extraordinary: a strange thing: a prodigy.

part of speech: adverb


part of speech: noun

The state of mind produced by anything new or unexpected; astonishment; cause of surprise; prodigy.

part of speech: adjective


part of speech: noun

Surprise; astonishment: a strange thing.

part of speech: verb

To feel wonder: to be amazed ( with at).

part of speech: verb

To be doubtful about; to wish to know.

Usage examples for wonder:

  • I don't wonder I know. "The Jonathan Papers", Elisabeth Woodbridge Morris.
  • I wonder what I shall have to do? "The Boy With the U. S. Fisheries", Francis Rolt-Wheeler.
  • I wonder if you ever had it? "The Twin Cousins", Sophie May.
  • I wonder what she will do. "Polly Oliver's Problem", Kate Douglas Smith Wiggin.

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