Definition of widgeon:

part of speech: noun

Small water- fowl of the duck kind.

part of speech: noun

A species of natatorial bird allied to the Anatidae or ducks; the Mareca penelope. The widgeons are migratory birds which breed occasionally in the most northern parts of Scotland, but the ordinary breeding place is in more northern regions, which they quit on the approach of winter, and journey southward. They are very numerous in the British Islands during the winter, where they spread themselves along the shores and over the marshes and lakes. They feed on aquatic plants, and on grass like the geese. They have always been in request for the table. The American widgeon is the Mareca americanan. It is most abundant in the Carolinas, and is often called bald- pate from the white on the top of the head: from the widgeon being supposed to be a foolish bird, the word was applied formerly to a fool.

part of speech: noun

A kind of fresh water duck.

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