Definition of weaving:

part of speech: noun

The act of one who weaves: the act or art of producing cloth or other textile fabrics by means of a loom from the combination of threads or filaments. In all kinds of weaving, whether plain or figured, one system of threads, called the woof or weft, is made to pass alternately under and over another system of threads called the warp, web, or chain. The essential operations are the successive raising of certain threads of the warp and the depression of others so as to form a decussation or shed for the passage of the weft yarn, which is then beaten up by means of a lay or batten. Weaving is performed by the hand in what are called hand- looms, or by steam in what are called power- looms, but the general arrangements for both are to a certain extent the same. Weaving, in the most general sense of the term, comprehends not only those textile fabrics which are prepared in the loom, but also net- work, lace- work, etc.

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