Definition of team:

part of speech: noun

A number of animals moving together or in order: two or more oxen or other animals harnessed to the same vehicle: a number of persons associated, as for the performance of a definite piece of work, or forming one of the parties or sides in a game, match, or the like; as, a team of football players, cricketers, oarsmen, etc.: in old Eng. law, a royalty or privilege granted by royal charter to a lord or a manor, for the having, restraining, and judging of bondmen and villeins, with their children, goods, chattels, etc.

part of speech: noun

Two or more horses or other beasts in one harness; the animals, with their harness and the vehicle that they draw; often, a single animal in harness, and the vehicle; a brood of young, especially of ducks; a number of persons working or playing together, as in a game.

Usage examples for team:

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