Definition of stone:

part of speech: adjective

Made of stone or earthenware; as, a stone jar.

part of speech: verb

To pelt or kill with stones; free from stones.

part of speech: verb

To pelt with stones: to free from stones: to wall with stones.

part of speech: noun

Mass of hard mineral; gem; hard seed of some fruits.

part of speech: verb

To pelt or kill by hurling pieces of rock at; remove the stones, or pits, from; as, to stone cherries.

part of speech: noun

Hard earthy or mineral matter; rock; a gem; as, a precious stone; the hard covering of the kernel of certain fruits; as, a peach stone; in Great Britain, a weight of varying value, usually fourteen pounds avoirdupois.

part of speech: noun

A hard mass of earthy or mineral matter: a precious stone or gem: a tombstone: a concretion formed in the bladder: a hard shell containing the seed of some fruits: a standard weight of 14 lbs. avoirdupois: torpor and insensibility.

Usage examples for stone:

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