Definition of shadow:

part of speech: verb

To shade: to cloud or darken: to shade, as a painting: to represent faintly: to follow, unobserved, as a detective shadows a suspected criminal.

part of speech: verb

To shade; darken; represent faintly.

part of speech: noun

Shade; figure formed by shade; darkness; faint oppearance; type; phantom.

part of speech: noun


part of speech: noun

Shade caused by an object: shade: darkness: shelter: security: favor: the dark part of a picture: an inseparable companion: a mystical representation: faint appearance: something only in appearance.

part of speech: verb

To deprive of light; darken or cloud; mark with degrees of light or color; represent faintly; attend closely; follow and watch closely, as a detective.

part of speech: adjective


Usage examples for shadow:

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