Definition of render:

part of speech: verb

To give up: to make up: to deliver: to cause to be: to translate into another language: to perform.

part of speech: verb

To give up; return; translate; perform.

part of speech: verb

To give in answer; to pay back; as, to render gratitude; pay back as being owed; as, to render tribute; present; as, to render a bill or account; deliver; utter as final; as, to render a decision; yield; as, to render homage; furnish; give; as, to render aid; cause to be; as, to render anything fit for use; translate; as, to render French into English; to express or interpret; as, to render music; to clear or separate by melting; as, to render lard.

part of speech: noun

A surrender: a payment of rent.

Usage examples for render:

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