Definition of record:

part of speech: verb

To write anything formally, to preserve evidence of it: to register or enroll: to celebrate.

part of speech: noun

A register; formal memorial of a fact.

part of speech: noun

A register: a formal writing of any fact or proceeding: a book of such writings.

part of speech: noun

A written roll or register made for the purpose of keeping facts or events in memory; as, a school record; an official written or printed report of public acts; a copy of an official document; testimony; as, they bore record to this; in sports, the best performance so far achieved at any given time; as, he holds the record for the high jump; the cylinder or disk for reproducing sounds in phonographs, etc.; the paper roll of an automatic piano player, etc.; a narrative of successive events; as, he left a good life record.

part of speech: verb

To write or enter a true account of; as, to record events; to put in writing; as, to record one's opinion; register; enroll; to fix in mind; to indicate; as, the clock records time.

Usage examples for record:

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