Definition of receive:

part of speech: verb

To take what is offered, etc.: to accept: to embrace with the mind: to assent to: to allow: to give acceptance to: to give admittance to: to welcome or entertain: to hold or contain: ( law) to take goods knowing them to be stolen: ( B.) to bear with, to believe in.

part of speech: verb

To get back; take; accept; admit.

part of speech: verb


part of speech: verb

To take or accept from another; to get knowledge of; as, to receive news; admit to one's company; entertain; as, to receive guests; to serve as a holder for; as, a channel to receive the overflow; to undergo; as, to receive a shock; to give lodging to, or to harbor; as, to receive stolen goods.

part of speech: verb

To obtain or be presented with something; to take what is given or paid; to welcome guests.

Usage examples for receive:

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