Definition of organ:

part of speech: noun

An instrument or means by which anything is done: that by which a natural operation is carried on: a musical instrument with pipes, bellows, and keys: the medium of communication.

part of speech: noun

Any part or structure of an organism adapted for a special purpose.

part of speech: noun

A part of an animal or vegetable, fitted to do some special duty; as, the organ of sight; a means of making known opinions or news, as a newspaper; a means by which an action is performed; as, courts are the organs of justice; a large musical wind- instrument with pipes, sounded by compressed air from bellows, and played upon by keys; a smaller instrument of the same class, operated by pedals or a crank.

part of speech: noun

An instrument; system of parts to perform any natural function; medium of communication; an instrument of music.

Usage examples for organ:

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