Definition of introduce:

part of speech: verb

To bring in or forward; make acquainted.

part of speech: verb

To lead or bring in: to conduct into a place: formally to make known or acquainted: to bring into notice or practice: to commence: to preface.

part of speech: verb

To conduct or bring in; bring into use or notice; bring into acquaintance; to put into something else.

Usage examples for introduce:

  • Allow me introduce my cousin. "The Brother of Daphne", Dornford Yates.
  • Shall I introduce him? "Cæsar or Nothing", Pío Baroja Baroja.
  • Now introduce me to your chums, Max. "At Whispering Pine Lodge", Lawrence J. Leslie.
  • I wish you would introduce me to him. "Colonel Thorndyke's Secret", G. A. Henty.

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