Definition of habit:

part of speech: noun

Ordinary course of conduct: tendency to perform certain actions: general condition or tendency, as of the body: pracitce: custom: outward appearance, dress: a garment, esp. a tight- fitting dress, with a skirt, worn by ladies on horseback.

part of speech: verb

To dress.

part of speech: verb

To dress; to array.

part of speech: verb

To dress; furnish with a garb.

part of speech: noun

The ordinary course of conduct; general condition or tendency; disposition; established custom; dress; a woman's riding dress; the distinctive dress worn by members of a religious order.

part of speech: noun

Ordinary state; acquired tendency; custom; dress; a garment.

Usage examples for habit:

  • That is what makes habit "The Art of Public Speaking", Dale Carnagey (AKA Dale Carnegie) and J. Berg Esenwein.
  • Habit is so strong. "Not Quite Eighteen", Susan Coolidge.
  • That was his habit for years, I am told. "Quiet Talks on Service", S. D. Gordon.
  • It's a habit men have, big or little. "The Prairie Mother", Arthur Stringer.

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