Definition of galilee:

part of speech: noun

A portico or chapel annexed to a church, used for various purposes. In it public penitents were stationed, dead bodies deposited previously to their interment, and religious processions formed; and it was only in the galilee that in certain religious houses the female relatives of the monks were allowed to converse with them, or even to attend divine service. When a female made an application to see a monk she was directed to the porch, usually at the western extremity of the church, in the words of Scripture, " He goeth before you into Galilee; there shall you see him." The only English buildings to which the terra galilee is applied are those attached to the cathedrals of Durham, Ely, and Lincoln. The galilee at Lincoln Cathedral is a porch on the west side of the south transept; at Ely Cathedral it is a porch at the west end of the nave; at Durham it is a large chapel, dedicated to the Virgin, at the west end of the nave, built chiefly for the use of the women, who were not allowed to advance further than the second pillar of the nave. This last was also used as the bishop's consistory court.

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