Definition of bind:

part of speech: noun

Anything which holds or ties; a twining stem; a stalk of hops; a musical sign or brace grouping notes together.

part of speech: verb

To tie or fasten with a band; sew a binding on; attach covers and back to a book; to restrain; to oblige.

part of speech: participle


part of speech: verb

To tie or fasten together with a band: to sew a border on: to fasten together ( the leaves of a book) and put a cover on: to oblige by oath or agreement or duty: to restrain: to render hard:- pa. t. and pa. p. bound.

part of speech: verb

To tie up something; as, to reap and bind; to have the force of a duty or necessity; grow hard or stiff; to stick.

part of speech: verb

To confine or make fast with a cord or band; confine or hold by physical force; unite by bonds of affection, loyalty, or duty; hold by any moral tie; hinder or restrain; protect or strengthen by a band, border, or cover; fasten together; cause to stick together; to oblige by a promise, law. duty, etc.; to fasten together in a cover, as a book.

part of speech: participle


Usage examples for bind:

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