Definition of ask:

part of speech: verb

To seek: to request, inquire, beg, or question.

part of speech: verb

To request; to invite; inquire.

part of speech: verb

To request: to make inquiry.

part of speech: verb

To request; seek to obtain by words; petition or beg for; claim or demand; expect or require; as, what price do you ask? inquire respecting; as, to ask the way; question; invite.

part of speech: verb

To make request; inquire.

Usage examples for ask:

  • I think that's all I want to ask "Martin Hewitt, Investigator", Arthur Morrison.
  • I ask for a reason. "IT and Other Stories", Gouverneur Morris.
  • I would not ask "An Outcast of the Islands", Joseph Conrad.
  • What, may I ask "The Cross-Cut", Courtney Ryley Cooper.

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